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5 Reasons Why Your Art is NOT Improving
13 views · Nov 12, 2021
Do you need tips on how to get better at drawing? Is your art not improving fast enough? Here are 5 reasons why – and easy art improvement tips!

I bet every artist has felt this way at some point. You are drawing and drawing, but nothing happens. You are just not making drawing progress. But why is that? Why did you reach a plateau in your art skills?

Learning to draw is a marthon, not a sprint. It takes years to get really good. It's natural to have ups and downs – and often it might feel like you have more downs, really …

That said, I think there are 5 main reasons why your drawing skills are not improving:

0:00 Intro
0:11 1 – Not practicing often enough
1:12 2 – Not pushing yourself
1:57 3 – Not working on weak points
2:43 4 – Expecting too much (too soon)
3:49 5 – You are getting emotional

How to Draw From Beginner to Master: *

• 10 EASY Drawing Tips To Level Up Your Art Quickly!:
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• How To Shade A Face (Playlist):
• Understanding Color Theory in 1 Minute:

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