How To Master Light And Shadow: The ASARO HEAD Explained [Tutorial]
9 views · Nov 12, 2021
The Asaro head explained in 8 minutes: This model, created by John Asaro, is a very useful tool to learn the basics of shading a head. It shows you the planes of the head in a simplified manner. This way you can grasp the fundamentals of light and shadow much easier.

In this tutorial I show you a FREE Asaro head 3D model that will help you understand the planes of the face – and where to put the shadows. And then I teach you how to use the Asaro head: I show you two practice exercises that you can use to learn shading faster!

I show you how to create an Asaro head study/drawing with the help of this cool simulator.

With this you can take your head drawings to the next level!

Learn the Fundamentals of Head Drawing: *

Asaro Head model on Artstation:

0:00 Intro
0:20 What is the Asaro head?
1:20 Free Asaro head 3D tool
3:27 Painting exercise 1
5:31 Painting exercise 2
7:30 Outro

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