Daniel Büsken

My name is Daniel Büsken and I’m a media designer and artist from Germany. I like drawing and painting, especially superhero-related artwork.

I have over 20 years of experience in drawing and painting and aside from creating art myself, I have found an interest in teaching other people how to get better at drawing. That‘s why I set up my blog and my YouTube channel.

If you want to check out some of my art, feel free to check out my gallery!

Below is a little rundown of my history with art.

Artistic History

I was born in Raesfeld, Germany. All my life I’ve been drawn to the visual side of life. Like most children I drew a lot when I was young. TV shows like Power Rangers or Gargoyles, but especially superhero shows and comics inspired countless of the little scribbles and drawings of my childhood. Unlike most people who stop drawing at some point, I kept going. I always got good feedback which motivated me to go on and try to get better.

Spider-Man vs Sinister Six kids drawing
1995: Spider-Man vs the Sinister Six (obviously… :P)
Power Rangers kids drawing
1995: A Drawing of the Power Rangers – I loved the show back then…
Batman kids drawing
1999: A Batman drawing I did on vacation on Mallorca – obviously inspired by the animated series.

High School

In high school I started drawing my own little comics based on Pokémon and Dragonball (which was famous in Germany at that time). Of course, that was way more interesting than following some of the lessons at school… During that time I also started working through several “How To Draw” books, starting with some manga stuff and continuing to more in-depth figure drawing books – even doing some anatomy studies.

Pokemon kids comic
~1999–2000: Some Pokémon-inspired comics of my high school time…
Pokemon kids comic 2
Trunks drawing colored pencils
~2000–2002: A character that is… basically Trunks from Dragonball Z with different colors. 🙂
Gohan drawing colored pencils
~2000–2002: Gohan from Dragonball Z. In these drawings you can see how I started paying attention to light and shadow.
saiyan character drawing
~2000–2002: A Saiyan I called “Gake”. Basically a less buff Nappa with hair!

The Ten Year Break

When I was 16 though puberty hit hard and I lost all interest in art almost instantaneously. I figured that if I wasn’t enjoying drawing that it wouldn’t make sense to force it. That decision led to 10 years of drawing next to nothing. In 2008 and 2009 I drew a couple of pictures, but that’s about it. In hindsight I must say that I could be a much better artist nowadays, if I had used those 10 years to improve my craft. In the end I did waste a lot of time on video games, but it is what it is and no amount of regret will change the past.

While I didn’t draw much during that time I didn’t lose my connection to visual stuff though. I became a media designer and somewhat satisfied my creative desires that way.

Spider-Man sketch and digital coloring
2008: A quick Spider-Man sketch that I colored digitally with my new Wacom Volito graphic tablet. I guess if I had bothered to add the web pattern on the red parts of the suit, it would look pretty good…
Venom sketch and digital coloring
2008: A Venom drawing where I put some more effort into the sketch compared to the Spider-Man drawing above this. I obviously had been studying a bit more of human anatomy at that point and had a better grasp of it than when I drew the Dragonball stuff…

2014 – 2016

It wasn’t until years later in 2014 when I befriended a co-worker (you know who you are!) who saw some old drawings of mine and motivated me quite convincingly to start again. Even then I only finished a few bigger projects a year and it wasn’t until 2017 that I started drawing somewhat regularly again.

Daredevil vs Batman digital art
2015: “Men without Fear” – a pen sketch that I colored digitally. I still like the idea and the composition, but I hate the overly smooth rendering, especially on Daredevil.
2016: 8 years since the last Spider-Man sketch… I also colored this one digitally. I like the cast shadows which make it pretty convincing that he’s in the sun. Again, that smooth shading though…
Green Goblin vs Spider-Man digital art
2016: Green Goblin vs. Spider-Man (in the background…)! I put quite some time in this one. I still like it, but the background is kinda too dark and you can barely see Spider-Man…


In 2017 and 2018 I finally found my groove again and started an Instagram account, a YouTube channel and did some outdoor live painting (see below). Now, in 2019, I’m starting this website for everyone who is interested in my art and my thoughts on drawing and painting.


Joker Street Painting
2018: A street painting of the Joker I did in my hometown. Watch the drawing video here!

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