How To Draw On Black Paper | 12 MUST-KNOW Tips

12 helpful tips for drawing on a dark surface. In this video I teach you a few tips and tricks that will make your life easier, if you want to draw on black instead of white.

I recommend drawing with colored pencils which is what I am showing here. There’s a few things to consider that you maybe haven’t thought of before.

BATMAN vs POISON IVY | Street Art Painting Process

In my recent street art painting I show you the process of how I painted Batman in this painting collaboration I did with a friend of mine. I show my thoughts on color and lighting and how I arrived at the final result. What do you think?

Drawing a Horse with Colored Pencils | Tips and Tricks

A video of me drawing a horse. I offer a few tips and tricks on how to draw a horse with colored pencils.

Evil THE JOKER Street Painting

A street painting of the Joker I did. It was a hell of a challenge because I’ve never painted anything nearly as big… but I think it worked out okay. What do you think?

Drawing SPIDER-MAN vs VENOM in Pen and Ink | Death Battle!

Closeup drawing of Spider-Man vs Venom in pen and ink! In this cool speed drawing video you can see the whole process of my drawing of Spider-Man. I was just in the mood to try out my new pens and thought Venom would be a perfect fit for a style like this. Once again I ended up with a closeup scene – I guess I just like them, ha. Let me know what you think!

Drawing a Very Angry HULK | Colored Pencils

This video shows a cool speed drawing portrait of the Hulk from Marvel Comics. Inspired by watching Avengers: Infinity War I decided to draw the Hulk with colored pencils. I tried to put my own spin on it to some degree: I wanted to give him red eyes and actual red gums instead of making everything green. I think it’s a nice contrast to the green skin and worked out pretty well. I also opted for an undercut hairstyle which I think fits him rather well! I just couldn’t decide on a background color, so I just left it white… 🙂 What do you think of this drawing?